Elite Championship Race:Window of Canton

time:2016-11-01 13:49

On the final weekend of October, the first Elite Championship of Asian-Oceanian Vertical Marathon Association in 2016 came to a successful ending. Window of Canton, the iconic building in Guangzhou, witnessed hundreds of athletes finishing up to the top.

As gentle as a breeze is , the weather couldn't be better for an autumn race. On the bright afternoon of October 30, over 400 athletes from all over the world participated in the elite race, conquered the 43-floor and 208-meter skyscraper.

Every athlete completed the race with joy, enthusiasm and high spirit. After all the effort they made throughout the race, they finally bore fruit when crossing the finishing line.
In the men's race, Italian racer Fabio Ruga won the first prize by a slim advantage over the second-placed athlete--Kaiyu Fu. Their final results both were 6'01, only Fabio Ruga was half second faster. The third-placed athlete was local star Jiajing Ou whose result was 6'08.

As for the women's group, Cindy Reid claimed the throne once again. The Australian fitness instructor won the race with the result of 8'07. Another two invited international athletes Egle Uljas and Cristina Bonacina won the second and third place with the results of 8'25 and 8'53 respectively.

Elite race results:

1.Fabio Ruga: 6'01
2.Kaiyu Fu: 6'01
3.Jiajing Ou: 6'08

1.Cindy Reid: 8'07
2.Egle Uljas: 8'25
3.Cristina Bonacina: 8'53