The first Elite Championship of AVA- Window of Canton

time:2016-09-29 16:35

You may have experienced triathlon, but never have you come across any vertical marathon that allows you to accomplish three dimensions of space—Setting out besides the river, jogging through green gardens and then climbing thousands of stairs.
The first Elite Championship of Asian-Oceanian Vertical Marathon Association in 2016 would be scheduled on October 30, to be held in the iconic building – Window of Canton. This race would be inviting 8 of world top 50 elite athletes to sprint up to compete for the elite trophy.

Race info:
October 30, 3pm
Window of Canton
Height:208 meters
Storey:43 floors
Stairs: 1129 steps
Address:Window of Canton Headquater
(No.368, liijiao Road, Haizhu Qu, Guangzhou)